WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.Com – Which One Is The Right Fit For You?

WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.Com - Difference Between WP.Org and .Com

Hey! If you are new to starting a website/ blog, you might be confused between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Many people ended up choosing the wrong one without knowing the difference between those. Don’t you know which one to choose? Do not worry, I will help you to pick the right platform for your website/ blog.

Before you choose the right platform you must be aware of your needs and few terms that are being used to explain the platforms. Don’t worry, a brief explanation is available at the end of this article to understand better.

What is WordPress.com?

  • WordPress.Com is a website builder and a platform where you will get hosting service too.
  • This platform provides free blogging/ website under a subdomain (Ex: yoursitename.wordpress.com). You will not be able to remove wordpress.com from a free website. To remove it you should go with a paid subscription.
  • If you want to start a website/ blog for free and do not want to make money out of it, then it is the right platform.
What is difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org
  • WordPress.Com provides a hosting service where you will have more space to have content.
  • You are now able to start an eCommerce website on wordpress.com. Earlier, it was not available.
  • If you want to earn from your blog, you must create a WordAds account. You will get a share of the ad revenue.
  • You can place reputable affiliate links to your site.

What is WordPress.Org?

  • WordPress.Org is an open-source Content Management System(CMS)/ software for websites.
  • This allows you to install plugins for free to customize your blog/ website.
  • It allows membership and Learning Management System (LMS) plugins to install.
  • You have full ownership/control of the website and the ads on your website.
Which one is better wordpress.com or wordpress.org
  • More than 40% of websites created using WordPress.Org.
  • Your site won’t be stopped because someone decides that your content is against their terms and conditions.

WordPress.Org Vs WordPress.Com

You will not get a free domain and hosting.You will get free hosting with a free subdomain. Hosting storage is limited to 3GB.
You should purchase a domain and hosting from a hosting provider.You can purchase both hosting and domain from WordPress.Com and those are costlier.
You can install any plugins for free.If you want to install plugins, then you have to take a paid plan.
You can create an eCommerce website at no additional charge.You have to go with a costlier plan to create an eCommerce website.
Management cost is less.Management cost is 3 to 6 times higher.
You have full authority over your website and content.You do not have full control over your website and content. If your content is against the WordPress.Com terms and conditions, then it will be removed even if you have paid a subscription.
You can decide what kind of ads can be displayed on your website.You cannot decide what kind of ads can be displayed. You will not be able to remove ads by WordPress.Com
You will get a full commission for the ads displayed/ clicked.You have to take a paid plan to get a share of the commission paid for the ads.
Customization is not so easy. However, you can customize as you wish.Customization is easy for beginners. But you cannot customize more than what they provide.
Difference Between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com

Which one is better, WordPress.Org Or WordPress.Com?

Are you still confused about which one to choose? I tell you simply which one to choose based on your need.

  • If you are just blogging for the interest you have, then I suggest you go with WordPress.Com. But You cannot make money out of it. If you would like to make money through blogging, I suggest you go with WordPress.Org.
  • If you are starting a business website and are not willing to spend a huge amount, then go with WordPress.Org.

Terms you should know

What is hosting?

Hosting is an online space or server storage like the CPU of the computer where your website content stores.

What is a domain?

Domain is the name of your website with .com, .org, .in, .us, etc. This can be purchased from all the hosting providers.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is an add-on or software that can be used in WordPress to customize your website appearance and functionality or a tool to get analytics data of your website.

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System is a software to manage the content available on the website and how it should appear to visitors.

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  1. Wonderful Article. I got to know the difference and I can choose the right platform for my clients. I believe wordpress.org would the most appropriate platform for my business need.

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