Free Digital Marketing Courses: You Will Find Nowhere!

Free Digital Marketing Course

We live in the age of doing marketing online, which has many advantages compared to traditional marketing. All businesses are in the need to make use of digital marketing effectively to grow up their business online. Many businesses require digital marketing experts to make an online presence of their business since they are not experts or do not have time to manage all of those. I have included 8 websites that offer free digital marketing courses online.

Every businessman, freelancer, YouTuber, and job seeker should have this skill. So that everyone can market themselves/ their skills to acquire what they need. Today’s world has a large requirement for marketing professionals on digital platforms. So, If you have not decided on your career yet, then you can go ahead and start learning a digital marketing course.

Read this article until the end so that you will get to know which course suits you.

Growth Academy by WordStream

Growth Academy is providing the courses free of cost. Though it is not covered all the basics of marketing, it covers important topics that are not focused on other courses available out there. If you do any marketing course, I advise you to go through this course for better learning.


Coursera offers paid courses as well as free courses. Most of the courses are becoming paid since many MOOC provides are stop giving free certificates. Here is the link on how to get courses for free at Coursera. Facebook offers a course at Coursera for free. However, expert-grading, portfolio development, and employer consortium are charged at $49 per month.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy provides high-quality digital marketing courses. There is no single course which covers all topics on digital marketing. It covers individual topics on digital marketing. So, you have to go through the courses on the topics you’re interested in. This academy provides globally recognized certificates to your linked in profile. 

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Alison is one of the good sources for learning digital marketing courses completely free of cost. They provide a wide range of courses on different topics too. They charge only for the certificates and not for courses. Whoever is willing to learn specific topics can go ahead learn from Alison.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak offers a wonderful internship program which is one of the greatest program that I have gone through. Anyone who is willing to learn digital marketing should undergo this program to get confidence and recognition that you’re a digital marketer. Since, it is an internship program you will have to concentrate on execution more than learning which builds confidence. Though it is a paid internship it will be refunded completely as you complete assignments. This is not something you do assignments for Digital Deepak rather you develop your own blog, business or freelancing career. If you don’t know anything about digital marketing and website design, I suggest you to learn little bit before you join this program. So that you will be able to submit the assignments though you are very busy with other works.


Udemy offers many courses with a wide range of topics. They offer many paid and free courses. So, Google it for a free digital marketing course at Udemy, then it will provide you search results as shown in the picture below. By choosing the results you will be directed to the free courses page.

Free digital marketing courses everyone should go through
Udemy Free courses

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage offers free courses to everyone with no restrictions.  There are many courses available and only Fundamentals of digital marketing have a free certificate that contains 26 modules. After completion of the course, you can download the certificate.

Brainiers Academy

This course has created by a digital marketing expert who has more than 8 years of experience for the new aspirants to learn skills and it is completely free of cost.  They provide support learners to grow up their business whereas others do not provide this kind of service.

These free digital marketing courses are the top most courses preferred to take before you move forward with Digital Marketing.

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