Smart Ways To Speed Up The Business Growth

Optimise Your Website

Optimising your website is one of the best ways to get high traffic for free. Optimising involves many processes. Google has introduced that page load speed is one of the ranking factors in the Google search engine. This is because statistics show that people abandon websites that load more than 3 seconds.

Content optimisation is more important than anything else. The content on the website should be very relevant to the user search. You must understand the customer’s intent behind the searches. To understand it better, you can google the term you would like to rank for and what results are showing. Because Google has worked a lot to provide highly related content based on their intent behind the search. If the content doesn’t satisfy the visitors, they will leave your website soon. So, it will affect your website ranking on search engines.

Another most important factor for search engine ranking is the referral. The more number of websites referring/ linking to your website will get more authority. So, try to get referrals from the top sites that are ranking well in your niche. This technique is called backlink generation.

Mastering all these optimisation techniques will take a lot of time and effort. To bypass and faster this process better partner with a Search Engine Optimisation Company.

Use Digital Marketing Services

Use Digital Marketing services to speed up the company growth. Digital Marketing techniques include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

We have already discussed search engine optimisation. Let me discuss the remaining. Search Engine Marketing is the most effective way of marketing because it is a kind of marketing where you reach the audience in need. Let’s say, you are searching for amazon for the first time, or after clearing your browsing history, the first result will show you the Amazon website advertisement followed by organic results. Why do they advertise though they can rank organically? Have you ever had a thought of it? There could be other articles about Amazon that could rank higher than the Amazon website. So, Amazon does not want to lose their customers who are searching for them. Now, you might have understood the importance of search engine marketing/ advertising.

The same way you can advertise for products and services. You can run advertisements for high volume searches in your business like “bulk SMS service in Chennai”.

Use Tools To Manage

You cannot remember every customer’s name, last purchase and their interaction with the business. Use CRM to manage customer relationships to save time, understand them, and customise messages that will build trust in customers. When a customer calls your support and you greet them with their name, they will be very happy that you know them.

Automate Routines

Automating routine processes will save you a lot of time and money. This can be achieved using CRM and automation tools. 

For example, if you’re collecting customer information online and updating them manually will screw a lot of time. Instead, as soon as they enter that can be automatically registered on CRM. This has already been done in large organizations. 

You can automate sending personalized emails in advance for a year. Publishing social media posts can be automated using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. Creating social media posts for a month in advance and uploading it to the tools and scheduling will save you a lot of time.

Automate chat support for general and repeated questions using a chatbot. If you are not clear on what you can automate in your business, have a consulting with the automation company or reach a consultant.

Hire Talents

Hire top talents who are capable to manage work and do it faster. Because in the long term your business will grow faster. If you hire the candidates who are asking for less pay as they don’t have enough skills, you will end up spending a bigger amount of money in the long term and the growth rate will be very low.

Start Blogging

Start writing blogs that will give more organic leads as they come to read your blog posts. Build a strategy in writing to drive traffic towards your product or services. In this article, you must have noticed that I linked to services offered by Score Xcreen, the same way you can drive traffic towards your product or service page.

Your blog cannot contain only promotions because if it is full of promotions none will read your articles and your website authority goes low. As the authority goes low, your website ranking will be low in search engines. Finally, you will end up losing your investment in the business.

Build Email List

Building an email list is the most important part of every business. Because this will help you to market your products or services at the lowest cost. And it can also be said that the marketing cost is zero since the cost spent is only to own the tools that are being used for marketing purposes.

Another great advantage of building an email list is that you are not restricted to any terms and conditions prepared by other businesses/ platforms. You are free to email anything to your customers to promote your products or services.

Understand Customers

To understand your customers better, track the history of records like how they find your business, their mindset before purchase, and who they are (Profession, marital status, age, gender, parental status, and much more). 

CRM helps you understand the existing customers better. You know what they bought and when they bought, so you can identify what could be their next purchase. Based on that you can send customised emails to nurture them to purchase other products and services.

Focus On Customer Experience

Customer experience is the most important part to focus on to keep growing your business otherwise your business will start moving downwards. Because, if your customer is having a good experience with your company, they will start purchasing more products or services from you. If it is not the case, they will start moving on and it is not going to end there, they will share their worst experience with many other people which will affect your business drastically.

Immediately, you will get a question triggered in your mind that how you can provide a good experience with your business. The first thing you can focus on is customer support. And you train your customers to use your product or service efficiently. As much as they are used to it, they won’t move on just because they feel comfortable using yours and uncomfortable with the new one.

Train Your Employees

Create training programs for every specific process and train your employees to get the best results in production, conversion, and customer experience. Many employees do not know how they can productively do something faster. So, training them to use tools effectively will help them to increase their productivity. This does not end up with them, it extends to the company. You will bring more profit to the company just because you train your employees to be more efficient.

Training the employees in the customers’ relations will boost up the customer experience. Your associates can approach customers confidently and answer their queries fast which will boost your sales.


Hope you enjoyed reading and understood the various processes to improve speed up the business growth. I suggest you implement at least a few of these to grow your business because implementation results. Comment below, what you liked the most in this article.

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